Drupal Tips and Tricks

Drupal admin and configuration:

  1. Create a “HTML help” block and assign it to appear on only “node/*/edit” and “node/add/*”
  2. Use the “edit permissions” link on admin/user/roles to get a single column
  3. Use the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar to “Populate Form Fields” on the access page for the admin role
  4. Use “site:drupal.org {search terms}” to search all of drupal.org withGoogle. Set up a Firefox shortcut so you can type “dru [your search]” tosearch Drupal. Also api.drupal.org/apis/{search_term}
  5. When using pathauto to alias usernames, don’t let users change their usernames.
  6. Use PathAuto and Path Redirect together to redirect old aliases to the new ones. Search engines will love you.

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List of Top 40 Drupal Modules

  1. Drupal Core
  2. CVS Integration / Project / Project Issue Tracking
  4. CCK
  5. Pathauto
  6. Devel
  7. ImageCache
  8. TinyMCE
  9. API
  10. Organic Groups
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