Symfony Coding Standards Tips


  • Never use short tags (<?);
  • Don’t end class files with the usual ?> closing tag;
  • Indentation is done by steps of four spaces (tabs are never allowed);
  • Use the linefeed character (0x0A) to end lines;
  • Add a single space after each comma delimiter;
  • Don’t put spaces after an opening parenthesis and before a closing one;
  • Add a single space around operators (==, &&, …);
  • Add a single space before the opening parenthesis of a control keyword (if, else, for, while, …);
  • Add a blank line before return statements, unless the return is alone inside a statement-group (like an if statement);
  • Don’t add trailing spaces at the end of lines;
  • Use braces to indicate control structure body regardless of the number of statements it contains;
  • Put braces on their own line for classes, methods, and functions declaration;
  • Separate the conditional statements (if, else, …) and the opening brace with a single space and no blank line;
  • Declare visibility explicitly for class, methods, and properties (usage of var is prohibited);
  • Use lowercase PHP native typed constants: false, true, and null. The same goes for array();
  • Use uppercase strings for constants with words separated with underscores;
  • Define one class per file;
  • Declare class properties before methods;
  • Declare public methods first, then protected ones and finally private ones.

Naming Conventions:

  • Use camelCase, not underscores, for variable, function and method names;
  • Use underscores for option, argument, parameter names;
  • Use namespaces for all classes;
  • Suffix interfaces with Interface;
  • Use alphanumeric characters and underscores for file names;

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