usort() PHP Function Issue with PHP 5.3

Most of you may be faced this issue, usort() behaves differently in PHP 5.1 & 5.3 versions.


class myClass {
  public static function mySortMethod($object1, $object2)
     if ($object1->order == $object2->order) 
         return 0;
    return ($object1->order < $object2->order) ? -1 : 1;

usort($arr, 'myClass: mySortMethod');


This would be working fine till PHP 5.1, but in latest version means PHP 5.3 it doesn’t sort properly.


There is a small change required while calling usort() and it will work fine.
use –

usort($arr, array(‘myClass’,’mySortMethod’));
This will solve issue of usort() sorting method with PHp 5.3 version.

Try it!!!


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