Building Views with Fivestar and VotingAPI

The Five Star voting module adds a clean, attractive voting widget to nodes
Please see the following link, this tells you how to integrate the fivestar rating functionality into views using voting API.


Drupal Tips and Tricks

Drupal admin and configuration:

  1. Create a “HTML help” block and assign it to appear on only “node/*/edit” and “node/add/*”
  2. Use the “edit permissions” link on admin/user/roles to get a single column
  3. Use the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar to “Populate Form Fields” on the access page for the admin role
  4. Use “ {search terms}” to search all of withGoogle. Set up a Firefox shortcut so you can type “dru [your search]” tosearch Drupal. Also{search_term}
  5. When using pathauto to alias usernames, don’t let users change their usernames.
  6. Use PathAuto and Path Redirect together to redirect old aliases to the new ones. Search engines will love you.

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How to resolve the Drupal’s Clean URL disabled issue

Most of the time in Drupal the clean url setting in admin section is now allowing to enable/disable the clean UR’s.  It is totally unfocused.

This issue is not with the Drupal, this is because of wrong server configuration or .htaccess file. You can get rid of this issue by doing following steps.

1. Check the AllowOverride in httpd.conf is set to All

2. If you are using symbolic links then make sure that Options FollowSymLinks is uncommented.

3. Make sure that  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks is on in document root setting section. If you have written MultiViews in-front of this line then you should remove it because it overrides the mod_rewrite rules.

4.  Check .htaccess file is exist or not in drupal installation.